Thursday, December 31, 2009

Our Year

As we prepare to celebrate a new year I wanted to post some photos (and links) that represent 2009. 


I ended my first trimester of my first pregnancy

and Ben's hair made it's winter transformation (don't most men buzz their hair in the summer?)
and yes...he's making that apathetic face on purpose because he's a goober.

We celebrated Ben's birthday while I traveled for work for the last time!
(I have had to work long days on his birthday every year we've been together)

I started this blog...

and on February 26th we found out we were expecting our handsome BOY!


my baby sister goes to prom & is crowned Queen!

Looking back this was the "cute" phase of my pregnancy, where my belly was big enough that I looked pregnant, but small enough that I wasn't knocking things over and my face wasn't swollen yet...

I got to celebrate Mother's Day by lounging around the house with my mom & of course- Bella.

and had 2 baby showers- one at work

and one at my in-laws house with all the ladies in my family
(MIL on left and my mom on the right)

where we got our's the video of us putting it together

Ben's turn to be lazy with my dad on Father's Day

My baby sister graduates High School & makes me feel so OLD

I have my last day of work at my alma mater where I'd been for 9 years

and a 3rd baby shower with my girlfriends near and far


Ben & I celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary on the 7th

and after weeks of early labor, 12 hours of active labor & 2 hours of pushing we meet our son
 Malakai Benson


We take a trip to the coast when Malakai is just 3 weeks old

We get a unique chance to settle in as a family of three for the first 6 weeks.

My sister starts her first year of college

Ben gets a new job (!) and so do I

Malakai is dedicated at our church


Ben & I go on our first post-baby date

and Malakai dresses up for his first Halloween

We enjoy the last bit of decent weather before being cooped up inside all day

Kai starts "solids"

sleeps through his first Thanksgiving
and we pick our Christmas tree the next day in record time


I go to the ballet (while daddy secretly prepares part of my birthday gift with Malakai)

We visit with some friends

and of course have Malakai's first Christmas

and also...
Malakai starts rolling and sitting (for a few seconds)

and today he slept completely unswaddled for a full 40 minute nap!
(although this picture is from earlier this morning where he's half swaddled)

and tonight we will have a mild NYE celebration with my parents where I will obsessively play Beatles Rock Band (which my sister and I beat in one day last week).

As far as resolutions go, I have NEVER made one on New Year's and don't plan on starting. I think if I have something I'd like to stop doing or start doing I should do it at that moment.

Our 2009 was one of the best years of my life and I can't wait for what 2010 has in store.

Happy end of 2009 everyone!

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  1. i love the photos! what a great way to reflect through the year.
    thanks for sharing


thanks for responding, I love your feedback!

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