Sunday, December 13, 2009

our modest Christmas decor

For the 'Christmas Tour of Homes' I took some more photos of our decor in addition to the ones I posted previously.

Here are some artsy shots of our lovely little tree with it's new lighted star topper-

And I've updated our mantel from before, we finally settled on a stocking for Malakai and got a holder for it as well.

I wanted to get another set of snowflakes but Target was all out, luckily I found this cute little Reindeer with the same finish.

We also chose to use the $2.50 stocking I got at Target's "dollar" section for Malakai's stocking since we couldn't settle on anything we liked better, even among the more expensive choices. We bought the silver "M" for $2.99 instead of sewing one on. I really like the way it turned out.

Here's a close up of mine and Ben's stockings- we were hoping to get a matching one for Malakai this year but they don't have the same ones in stock any longer.

I repurposed Malkai's Santa hat that barely fits on the other side of the mantel.

I used the trimmings from our tree to decorate a couple places.
The mantel

and the piano next to our tree.

The candle holders came as a set of four and are usually in our bedroom, but I repurposed them for this Christmas arrangement. The angel was a night light given to me when I was younger.

Since our Christmas tree replaced our dining room table, I couldn't set up the centerpiece that I have the last couple of years so I put it in the living room. This cute little snow globe was given to me as a gift from my aunt a few years back. You turn it over to reveal Santa coming out of the chimney.

The only decor in our kitchen is the sprig from Malakai's first Christmas tree outing tucked into a candle cozy that another aunt made me for my birthday and our chocolate advent calendar. All my appliances are red and black, so it matches well.

Lastly, I moved our previous angel tree topper and grouped her with a couple others on the side table next to the love seat.

So that's it for the Christmas decor in our teensy little house. Visit the Christmas Tour of Homes at The Nester!


  1. Your tree is so pretty! I love how the word 'faith' stands out. Have a wonderful Christmas! :)

  2. Your tree is very pretty! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  3. i love that first shot of your tree!
    i may have to steal your stocking idea! that is the cutest thing!

  4. Your Christmas decorations are great in their simplicity. Have a great first Christmas with the baby!


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