Thursday, December 17, 2009


Okay- I've let the negativity of my last post sit on the top of my blog for far too long. I've been meaning to balance it out with a more positive post since the day I wrote it, but haven't had the time. Our next two weeks are full of activity literally every single day!

Despite my rant earlier this week, I do feel blessed and recognize that things are going well despite such minor annoyances that seem to grow bigger and hang over my head at times. I'm beyond blessed.

We had our follow up appointment for Malakai regarding his increasing head size (previous post is here for those of you not familiar with the situation). It started out with frustration but ended in praise. We got there 10 minutes early but weren't seen until 30 minutes after our scheduled appointment, such is the norm at doctor's offices, I know. We were scheduled to see a different doctor since our pedi is gone for Christmas, but we've seen Dr. G before for Malakai's circumcision. The nurse that checked us in took a follow up measurement of Kai's head and it had grown 1/2 an inch over the past 4 weeks, measuring 18.5 inches (which is funny because I could have sworn it was 18.5 last month, but their records say 18). The nurse proceeded to tell us that Dr. G would evaluate the situation and we'd probably need a CAT scan but Dr. A probably went over that with us already.


I explained that Dr. A told us he may need an ultrasound. I didn't really appreciate her casually mentioning something like a CAT scan. Luckily Dr. G said that would be far more radiation than little Kai would need. The best news was that she doesn't even think he needs an ultrasound as his growth is still on a curve and his weight and length are on that same curve so he's just a big baby. We'll just follow up with Dr. A at the regular 6 months, but everything should be just fine!


The best Christmas present by far. I've been praying over this situation for the last 4 weeks and am so blessed to say that God really came through and we expect normal results in another 4 weeks as well.

There are many more things going on and updates I could post about, but Kai is waking up- duty calls!


  1. Oh, I'm so glad to hear that! I know you must be thrilled.
    I hope you guys have a great 1st Christmas with the little man!


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