Sunday, November 15, 2009

What a difference a year makes

So I know I already posted last month about it being a year since I got pregnant, but today marks exactly one year from the day we found out that I was pregnant. We had taken a test a week prior and it was negative, we waited and still no "AF" so at 6am on November 15th, 2008 I crawled out of bed to POAS (acronyms for my message board peeps) and snuggled up with Ben while we waited for the results. We went in together to check the test and there was the control dark line that I was all too familiar with and the most beautiful very faint, but unmistakably pink line right next to it. I jumped a little and kept asking Ben, "do you think that's a line, do you see you see it?" to which he responded, "I'm not sure." But I was too sure to let him be unsure and we were both convinced it was positive. We hugged and cried and curled back up in bed but didn't fall back asleep due to the obvious excitement. Meanwhile, with the passing moments that little pink line grew darker and our grins grew bigger.

I just realized that by posting this photo first, for those of you who follow me on blogger it's going to appear next to my post and may look like I'm pregnant again. haha, sorry for the fake out :)

Here are some cheesy grins and a toast. We saved a tiny bottle of champagne for this very occasion (from our anniversary just 4 months prior) and of course I'm toasting with some good ol' OJ

Here we are on the couch just a few hours after finding out.

And here is my first ever belly pictures at a whopping 5 weeks pregnant.

What a WONDERFUL and thrilling day that was. And here's the latest picture of the sweet little bundle who was just a teensie bean on that day.

Not so little anymore!

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