Wednesday, November 4, 2009

It's fall out there

One thing I'm really missing since staying home is the weather...more specifically the changing seasons outside my door. I don't leave the house much during the day since Ben has the car. And when the weather was transitioning from summer to crisp sunny fall days, Kai was sick so I didn't get a chance to go for walks and experience the changing leaves, one of my favorite things each year.

The other day was sunny and beautiful so when Ben got home we all ventured out for a walk through the park across the street and through the neighborhood. We weren't out long because the crisp air started to get a bit too chilly and I didn't want the little one to get too cold.

We took some photos of course.

This was the first time Malakai faced forward in the "moby" wrap (which isn't really moby, I made it)

He did such a great job, and I think he was really in awe of all the things he saw. He was quiet and observant the whole time.

Ben did a really good job taking one of all three of us with the bulky SLR camera...the girl in the background walked up and offered to take the next shot.

Malakai- enjoying the view

He PASSED OUT when we got home. He doesn't sleep unswaddled yet, so I had to get this photo. Unfortunately, he doesn't sleep in his crib for more than 30 minutes at a time's like clock-work and this occasion was no exception.

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