Sunday, November 29, 2009

First Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving was our 4th together, and of course Malakai's first. It was also the first time we didn't do two in one day and that's what I was SO thankful for!

On Thanksgiving Day we went to my aunt's house where 25+ family member's from my mother's side gathered. It was last year at Thanksgiving that we announced we were expecting our baby boy. Everyone was excited to see him and amazed at how much he's grown.

During dinner he snoozed near us in his car seat. When he woke up it was the first time he'd been among so much activity for an extended period of time. By the end of the evening he was definitely overstimulated. I couldn't get him to eat until we retreated to a back room where it was quiet.

Here are some photos of him playing with his great-uncle (my mom's half brother) and his wife.

His 2nd cousin trying to make him laugh

I went absolutely crazy with the hand sanitizer. I brought an entire pump bottle and squirted as many "touchers" as I could before they got to my sweet babe.

Later Ben was messing with the camera (pics aren't great because we didn't take the nice one)

pretending to sleep while I pretend to be disgusted

my little brother and I

goofy faces

All in all it was a good time. However, it seems my sanitizing was all for naught...he's already sick. His little voice is so hoarse sounding and he's really congested, but no fever. Thank goodness!

I didn't do a photo Friday because we were gone all day. We picked up our Christmas tree and I went shopping with my mom...the pictures are on her camera so I'll have to do another post of Kai's first Christmas tree outing.

Yesterday we had a mini-Thanksgiving with Ben's parents. My mother-in-law bought a high chair on Black Friday and Malakai LOVES it. It reclines so he could sit and play with toys on the tray which he hasn't quite mastered with the bumbo yet.

After dinner Ben got these pictures of us playing in the living room.

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  1. It looks like you guys had a wonderful first baby's Thanksgiving!! He is a cutie patootie!


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