Monday, November 16, 2009

choose laughter

oh. my. goodness!

Yesterday was a bit interesting and through it all I made the decision to take it all in stride. I chose laughter and joy over stress and anxiety. Having the power to choose my mood really made what could have been a rotten day into a funny and memorable experience.

It started out with my having to get myself and Kai ready and out the door for church all on my own. Ben had worship band practice and got a ride with a friend earlier that morning. We were going to first service at 9am (we usually stroll in to the second service at a much more reasonable 10:45am) and I don't get much practice at getting us out the door without Ben.

The sweetest boy was passed out and slept all morning while I got myself ready. I had one of those days that I know every woman is familiar with- I didn't feel great in anything I could find. I changed my outfit 3 times and stood in front of the closet trying on others with my imagination. I realized I needed to quit and just pick something so I could get us out the door in time.

Unfortunately I had to wake up Malakai to get him ready, I HATE waking my sleeping baby. I waited til the last possible moment, which was probably not a good idea since he didn't have time to wake up slowly. I got him dressed while he was still half asleep. When he did wake up he ended up kicking the canvas bin on the changing table onto the ground. Diapers, wipes, vitamins and more were strewn across the floor and under his crib.

I just laughed- and left it there. I had zero time to worry about picking it up. I just glanced over to make sure nothing was broken and leaking and went on my way.

I wish I had a video of how much I struggle with carrying his carseat and then getting it in to the car. We put his seat in the middle of the back as I've read that's the safest position in case of a side impact. It's also quite convenient for me to reach back when Ben is driving and calm him when he's mad. It is NOT convenient for getting him in and out of the car. I would post this video for you to sympathize, but mostly for you to laugh with me at how ridiculous my 5'2 frame must look lifting that 50lb thing so awkwardly.

Once we got to church I didn't have a hand free to take a bulletin from the door greeter so I told her to set it on Malakai's lap with a laugh. She grinned and complied. When I walked into the service Ben was coming my way and I immediately handed the carseat off to my much more capable husband. In doing so I noticed that the bulletin had flipped up and was stuck to Kai's face. We both had a good laugh at that one.

Fast Forward to later  in the afternoon. We had completed our errands and were hanging out with my family. MeMa was holding Kai in a standing position when he proceeded with the loooongest poo of all time. It sounded like a pot of water boiling over, for eternity.

Ben was across the house and had heard me cry out "it keeps going!" before I called him in to take care of it (for those of you that don't know, he changes almost all diapers when he's able because he's the best dad on the planet). Well- he ended up needing my help because the poo had gone all the way up to his neck...YES, HIS NECK! We've had blowouts before, but this one was epic.

We couldn't stop laughing...and yelling in panicked voices...and laughing some more.

poo. everywhere.

Ben stripped him down and tried to keep him still as he smiled and coo'd. I'm sure he felt much relief after letting go of all that!

 I was running around trying to figure out where to bathe him. Bath tub is too big, bathroom sink is too small, and the kitchen sink was full of dishes. My dad brought in a blue tub that was too dirty...I tried to scrub it and gave up. My mom emptied all the dishes out of the sink and cleaned it out while I rounded up towels.

Meanwhile- Ben's still holding a wriggling naked baby next to a pile of poopy clothes.

When we finally got the sink ready, Ben carried Malakai in and just as he lifted him up to hand him to me, pee. Little man peed on daddy's shirt and the kitchen floor. Of course, the laughter continued. Although, Ben's laughter was between grunts of irritation at being peed on.

Malakai LOVED taking a bath in the sink. I had the water going while he was in there and he kept trying to grab it. The cutest thing I've ever seen. My parents have one of those faucets with the detachable sprayer, so I started to use it to rinse Kai's back and he grabbed the faucet and tried to get it in his mouth!

We got some great pictures of his bath, but they're still on my mom's camera.

Of course, we always have an extra outfit in the diaper bag. However, later that evening he pooed through that one too. Standing on MeMa's lap in the exact same position as before. She's not allowed to hold him anymore.

So- we had a hilariously weird day and enjoyed our time with family despite the need for a whole bucket of oxiclean once we got back home.

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