Monday, October 26, 2009

weekend wrap up

My Friday DID in fact get better, a lot better actually. After Henry got picked up Malakai and I got ready and went over to see our friends Aimee and Titus. Aimee treated me to her homemade tomato soup while both of our boys napped. It was so great to have some adult conversation in the middle of the day. Some how we got on the topic of labor and delivery (she had a c-section at 36 weeks, so she never felt contractions) and I went through my whole labor story. It was interesting having another mom be curious about labor. It made me really appreciate our experience!

Afterwards I picked up daddy from work and we had a quick dinner at home and then went back to Aimee's to watch Titus for a couple hours while Aimee and her husband Josh went out for her birthday dinner. Titus is 13 months old and about 4 pounds heavier than Malakai! He's such a sweet little guy and it was fun to watch Ben play with a toddler.

Saturday was a lazy day at home. Ben went out and picked up donuts while Kai and I slept in for a bit. We literally did nothing but enjoy each others' company all day.

Sunday we decided to go to first service at church so we could have some time to run errands before going out to my parents' place. For the third week in a row Malakai got too noisy so we had to go sit in the cafe and watch the message on the tv. At least they have that option available.

At my parents' place someone scoops of Malakai as soon as we arrive. My sister grabbed him first and his MeMa was soon to follow. At one point I actually got to take a nap while Kai napped and my mom watched him so he wouldn't wake me up, it was so very nice.

I love how comfortable Malakai is at my parents' place and with my side of the family. We don't see Ben's family nearly as often. I'd like us to hang out with them more before we leave him to be babysat so that they can become more familiar with his temperament and Kai will feel comfortable without us around.

My favorite part of the weekend was that Malakai started squealing, like super loud happy baby noises that you could hear all over the whole house. We have yet to capture it on video but I'll be posting it as soon as it happens! In the meantime, here's Henry & Malakai playing...or more accurately, Malakai being attacked by Henry ;)

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