Monday, October 12, 2009


That has been Malakai's nickname for over a week now. He's so congested, my poor little boy! He just started sounding better today and I'm hoping it disappears as quickly as it came on.

Since he wasn't feeling well and many of our family have been feeling worse (potential swine flu!) the boy and I stayed around the house to be safe. And by "around the house" I mean I hadn't stepped foot outside of my home since coming back from my humidifier run on Friday the 2nd until venturing out to go grocery shopping on Saturday the 10th! The funny thing is I hadn't really realized it had been over a week. It did feel good to finally get out of the house though!

During our homebound week sniffle-bug and I had a little photo shoot. I couldn't resist taking pictures of him in an outfit his great-aunt purchased since he was in such a good mood. It was the first time I could get him to really smile and look at the camera. This boy of mine has me wrapped around his little finger so tight!


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