Saturday, October 3, 2009

our turn

the sickness that has been "going around" has hit our household. I don't have the full blown symptoms that Kai and Ben have, and am hoping it stays that way so I can take care of my boys.

so many people are dealing with this there's no way of knowing where it came from- not that it would help any. We are holed up in our house to keep from spreading it and getting anything else that's floating around while our immune systems are down. My mom is sick and it may be the flu, everyone at Ben's work is dealing with a hefty cold or flu bug, and some friends of ours have a sick little one as well. It's all over the place!

We had a lot of plans and cancelled them all. Thursday and Friday mornings I was supposed to watch Henry but of course didn't want to get him sick, so we had to cancel. His mama totally understood, but I still felt bad leaving them without a day care provider for two mornings. Friday I was supposed to go to lunch with my cousin- cancelled, and dinner with the in-laws, cancelled.

Today is college football game day and we usually watch with family or friends and we were going to go to my parents' place-cancelled. Tomorrow we were going to go to church as usual- cancelled.

As if I don't spend enough time in this house already! I realized on Thursday that I hadn't stepped outside of my house once since we came home from a get together on Monday night. cabin-fever.

Since the boys are sick and daddy stayed home from work on Thursday afternoon and all day Friday I actually was able to get out of the house for a teeny bit. Thursday I went and picked up a few essentials at the grocery store. Last night I went to Target and got a humidifier for Malakai and Theraflu for Ben.

I'm hoping this is the worst of it and we won't have to battle any more illnesses for the rest of the "season"...but that seems pretty unlikely.

my sleepy bean- I'm having him sleep in his swing as much as possible (so much for getting him used to the crib)since being upright significantly reduces his congestion. poor little bug.

I know the H1N1 vaccine comes out soon and adults with infants are second in line to get it after pregnant women. Is anyone else getting it? Our pedi recommended that we get it, but doesn't think it's necessary for Malakai. What have you been told?

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