Friday, October 23, 2009

and I lived to blog about it

I've had a doozy of a day and it's not even noon yet. Let me share my misfortune with you, yes? Misery loves company, so feel free to share your crap days with me if you find the time :p

A little background- Ben and I only have one car. I may have mentioned that before. Mommy mush-brain makes it impossible for me to remember things like that anymore. Anyway, so if I need to do anything that involves leaving the house during the day I have to take him to work at 7am. This morning we did that for the first time so I could have a SAHM date with a girl friend of mine this afternoon.

I got halfway back home and realized that I didn't have the housekey on my key chain and Ben had made a point of the fact that he wasn't bringing his keys since I was driving. It just so happened I had taken off the house key to put in my pocket when Kai and I went for a walk about a week ago and said key got buried underneath the mail sitting on the dining room table.

I checked the keyring at two stoplights before calling Ben. I knew he couldn't do anything since he didn't have a key, but I needed him to tell me what I should do. He said to call my dad.

My dad is also our landlord. He also works graveyard and lives 40 minutes away. I called his cell phone in hopes that he was in town still after getting off of work. No such luck, he was cozy in his pj's about to go to bed. ugh. I thought about the options- I could drive out there and have Henry's mom bring him to work and then pick him up when I got back to town, or I could watch Henry at their house and then go get the key after. My dad insisted on just coming back into town and saving us the trip. Saved by G'Pa.

So for the next 45 minutes I sat in the car with Malakai- who was THANKFULLY fast asleep and waited. I prayed that my dad would get there before Henry's dad dropped him off. How embarrassing to have to explain that Henry could wait with us in the car too? No thanks. I was never more happy to see my dad speeding up our road. He of course complained, and I made a peace offering of xbox live (they live in rural area sans high speed internet and G'Pa LOVES video games) but he wanted to get back to sleep.

Five minutes later Henry got dropped off and fell asleep immediately. I thought that my day could only get better. I went to feed Malakai in bed after changing him and when I picked him up discovered his very first up the back diaper BLOWOUT. Ew.

About a year ago when I was first pregnant I explained blow-outs to my childish husband who wouldn't stop snickering. I got him to agree to change each and every blow out upon Kai's arrival since he thought they were so humorous. He even shook on it. Unfortunately, daddy was 7 miles away.

The poo soaked through his pj's onto the WHITE bedsheets, and when I had picked him up it was on my sleeve...which is actually my sister's sleeve. SHHH don't tell! I also had to change him on the floor in the living room because Henry was sleeping and I didn't want to wake him with Kai's coos in the nursery.

When I headed to the laundry room to start the wash I then discovered annoyance # 3 of the day...our utility sink where we bathe Malakai had been dripping. It usually does, but when we were bathing the boy I had cranked the faucet to the side and it was dripping onto the floor and my craft shelf. The paint on the shelf is artfully cracked (maybe I'll leave it in the rain to make the rest of it look antique-y) and the floor was soaked. freakin' great.

I sopped up as much as I could on my still empty stomach between attending to my fussing little guy.

Then Henry woke up and Malakai was hungry again at the same time. So I sat criss-cross-applesauce on the nursery floor and nursed Kai while rocking Henry in his carseat.

Then...the worst thing of all happened. The baby swing died. And there are no batteries in our house. I found myself swinging it with my foot to lull Henry to sleep and feeding Kai again. It didn't work, so I had to walk my son to sleep and place him in the carseat while I walked Henry to sleep.

Finally- peace and quiet. This day will get better right?

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  1. did have quite a morning!! Hopw it all got better!!


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