Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Thank You Sweet Baby Boy!

Malakai in what I call his "toga" swaddle- because he will wake himself up trying to get his arm out I just swaddle him this way.

Malakai decided that his gift to daddy in honor of his new job would be to sleep through the night for the third time. I'm so glad that Ben was able to get a full night's sleep before his first day.
I on the other hand woke up at 1am with a horrendous stomach ache and kept running back and forth between the bathroom and the bedroom to check on Malakai to make sure he wasn't stirring and waking up daddy.
Luckily after being awake for about an hour he went back to sleep just before 7am until 9am and I caught up on the sleep I lost last night and am feeling much better.
Ben came home for a quick lunch a minute ago and it sounds like things are going great. All he's doing today is meeting everyone and finding out what they do at the company. I told him that he should stop by the store and pick out whatever dessert he wanted to celebrate his new job. I'll also be making a REAL meal tonight of cheesy chicken casserole, one of our favorites.
Tomorrow Ben actually has the whole day off though because we have a funeral to go to. My great-grandma Ardith passed away on Saturday and the memorial and brunch are tomorrow morning. I'm so glad that Ben's new employer is understanding of him needing to be there- mostly I need him to be there, I don't think I could go on my own. It ended up working out well because the gal that will be doing some of his training is getting back from vacation tomorrow, so she'll have a chance to settle in and prepare that day.
It's interesting how life changes so quickly from Ben losing his job, our baby being born, family members passing, and a new job starting- everything can become very different in an instant. I feel so blessed, even with the loss of my grandma, I'm confident she's in a better place feeling no more pain and for that I'm thankful.

And I just think this photo is adorable and hilarious. Mama was playing dress up- this wasn't even after a bath, I just wanted to see if it all fit him yet...


  1. Yay for sleeping through the night!!! That is so GOOD and such a blessing! I love that last picture of him.

  2. I know! He's been doing so good at that.
    the dino robe picture cracks me up- it's a new favorite.

  3. Love. The. Pic.

    So great to read your hubby got the job - belated congrats, and HALLELUJAH to baby sleeping through the night!!! We hope and pray for that day to arrive in this casa. :)


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