Wednesday, September 9, 2009

settling in...again

Having Ben start this new job sort of feels like starting over, the same feeling I had when the three of us came home from the hospital almost two months ago. Over the first 6 weeks of Malakai's life we got a pretty good routine going. During the day we'd all hang out and Malakai would nap on one of us here and there. Mama did the feeding and Daddy did the changing, even at night.
The transition to Ben going to work had kind of an awkward start. He worked last Wednesday, had Thursday off, worked Friday and then the three day holiday weekend and back to work yesterday. So today is the first time we've been without him for two days in a row.
It's harder than I thought it would be- the house is quiet and I'm already getting tired of the sound of my own voice as I sing Malakai to sleep. I'm really working on getting him to sleep in his crib. After 2 hours of trying to put him down and him waking every time I got out my wrap carrier and he's fast asleep between me and the keyboard. I was then able to put deodorant and some make up on and fix the rat's nest I have for hair back into a bun. Ben will be home soon and the most I've accomplished is trying not to look as hellish as I did when he kissed me goodbye at six this morning.
I'm okay with the way it's going, Malakai is still very young and I don't mind holding him for as often as he likes. I just want to get things done around our house so that it's a clean and peaceful place for my husband to come home to and all he has to worry about it playing and relaxing with his family. Thank God I married the most understanding man on the planet- I can't even imagine him saying a word to me about how awful I smell or how high the pile of laundry is getting.

I'm drinking one of those store bought frappuccino drinks...I really miss our coffee maker. Two years ago when we got married someone gave us this really awesome one that doesn't have a carafe, you just put your coffee cup against a lever and it comes out, kind of like a fountain drink machine. It bit the dust just before Malakai was born. I think I ran it through too many hot water cycles when I tried to clean it and it started leaking out of the bottom. My mom let us borrow her french press for a while which was heavenly, but I felt bad keeping it from her so I gave it back. I ordered a coffee maker online for only $15 and it comes with a free pound of coffee, I just have to remember to cancel my "membership" so I don't get charged every month for more coffee. So I'm just waiting for it to get here...

I have my post-partem appointment tomorrow. I'm a little nervous about finding out how the healing process is going. I had a 2nd degree tear and have looked at it maybe twice in the last 8 weeks. Some days it's still sore so I'm scared that things didn't heal correctly. I'm hoping that I'm just being paranoid and that everything is right as rain.

This past weekend was really busy. Friday night we stayed over at my in-laws for MIL's bday and spent the day with them all day Saturday. FIL took this picture of us

Sunday we stayed home from church to give the boy a break from people because Monday was a big family BBQ to celebrate both my parents and my brother's and sister's birthdays that are all this month. He got passed around from person to person and by that evening I really missed him and made sure we got plenty of cuddle time.

So here we go for the rest of the week, wish me luck in trying to figure this stay-at-home-mom thing out.

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