Friday, September 18, 2009

rather odd

As you'll witness by the following photos, my "side" of the family is rather odd...but we have fun and we love each other.

On Wednesday we celebrated my little sister's 19th birthday out at my parent's house. We had pizza and cake and watched Glee (at her request). We also got some pretty funny photos in an attempt to get a picture of the whole group...

Notice how I'm the only one posing like a normal person in every photo...none of them turned out "normal" but I guess it captures the essence of who they are.
As I look at these though I can't help but notice how baggy my shirt's a maternity shirt and it fits my chest but makes the rest of me look big. Any other new mom's still in maternity wear? I wear my normal looking mat tops on occasion and have no choice but to still wear mat jeans and shorts. Is it time to invest in some jeans in my current size or would that be a waste of money? I can't decide...

Then my brother Cody decided to have some fun with the camera...

Ben posing with Malakai...I'm not sure what kind of pose this is.

and THIS is why I've always been jealous of how close my siblings are to each other in age-

Well yesterday was Malakai's two month appointment and he weighed-

12lbs 15oz!!!

I couldn't believe sweet little chunkers :) He also peed on the scale when being weighed right before I was going to ask the nurse how often they get peed on. haha. I still asked and she said it happens A LOT. The funny thing is that in the last two months I've only had it happen while changing him once. It's like he made me laugh.

My mom came with me to the appointment and the pediatrician was amazing as ever. She included my mom in the conversation and ooh'd and aww'd over my "perfect baby". She's been a doctor for over 20 years and loves children so much. I couldn't be happier that she's my little guy's doctor.

She confirmed that his testicle is descending and was amazed at how fast it happened. I give all the glory to God- this was definitely an answer to a lot of prayers from a lot of caring friends and family. Thank you.

Malakai was sweet and happy the entire time, even though I woke him up out of his carseat to be poked and prodded...but then came time for his immunizations. One quirky thing about his pedi is that she said that even at this age she thinks it's a good idea to let them know it's going to I did and I was so sad for him. He was suckling away on his binky when he got the first one and he screamed the worst kind of screams but by the time the third one was done he was already settling down. He stopped crying,let me put his clothes back on and fell asleep in the car as usual. What a tough baby, huh?! I think I dwell on shots longer than he did. I kept thinking all day yesterday that he was going to wake up mad and in pain, but he never really did.

He slept in his swing for about an hour and then I brought him into bed with me so I could nap without worrying if he was going to wake up in pain in the other room. He napped for almost 4 hours straight! Tell me this though...if your little one naps in their swing do you keep it swinging the whole time? I am freaked out that it's too much swinging so I only let him swing til he falls asleep and then I turn it that weird?

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