Tuesday, September 29, 2009

a rainy day tuesday update

so since my last post things are much better. I think I needed to have a bit of a break down to start building back up.

Since then we've had quite a lot go on.

My dryer got a temporary fix as we wait for a new heating element thinger, my sister and I went shopping for my mom's birthday present while daddy stayed home with Malakai and I bought my first pair of post partem jeans- a size 9 (used to be a size 4/5). I'm not putting too much emphasis on that though as sizes in different brands vary and I went with the cheap Target stuff in hopes to be able to use my pre-pregnancy jeans sooner rather than later. Although- as I type this I'm wearing some maternity jean...I did daycare today and didn't want to get spit up on my new ones. haha.

Last Friday was Mema's birthday (my mom). We picked up my sister from her college dorm, grabbed a "you bake" pizza and headed out to the country where my parents live. We decided to stay overnight since we are usually hanging out at their place on Saturdays anyway. My mom, sister, and I played Wii on one side of the house while Ben, my dad (G'pa) and brother played xbox on the other.
The next day we decided to take Kai in the pool for the first time since it would probably be the last warm day and he got some adorable swim clothes from my cousin that will only fit now. Funny thing is, we had to cut the neck of the swim shirt to fit over his head...
Before cold water-

After cold water-

Sweet boy didn't like it very much. But we got this cute family shot-

Later that day we met up with some friends of ours that we haven't seen in almost a year. Jake, Kyla, & their new son Judah (born June 9th) live in the Dominican Republic as teachers and missionaries. Kyla and I were roommates our senior year of college and Jake was in a band with Ben back in the day. It was so great to see them and meet their son. The babies had some great playtime and Ben took lots of photos.

Malakai loved this playmat and it actually belongs to some other friends of ours who's son is a year old and they let us borrow it since he doesn't use it anymore. SCORE!

On Sunday evening our church had an evening service with worship, baptisms, and child dedications. We had Malakai dedicated that evening. Much of our family was there and it was a very special occasion for us.

Now I'm off to finish baking cookies while I wait for my husband to come home and my little sister to come over and watch Grey's with me.

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