Monday, September 21, 2009

a new venture

I just realized that I haven't mentioned a word about my new "job" on here and today was my first day.

Late last month I had emailed my former boss to let her know I was thinking of her on her first day back to work since having little Henry in May. She emailed back and mentioned that Henry wasn't in daycare yet because her husband was still at home. He's a grad student and teaches some courses at the University of Oregon so he doesn't start until next week. She also mentioned that when he does go back they'll be looking for someone to watch Henry a few hours a week.

My DREAM job would be to watch someone's kids and my own at the same time...and it is now mine!

Malakai decided to wiggle at about 6am this morning, which meant when he got back to sleep at 7am he was down til 9am. I was hoping he'd wake earlier and be napping when Henry got dropped off at 9:30 but he was bright eyed. He wiggled on his quilt on the floor while Henry's parents and I chatted for a bit. Henry's mama had a hard time leaving him, later she confessed that she cried.

Henry will be 4 months old this upcoming Sunday. He slept in his carseat for the first 20 minutes or so and when he woke up he was a happy little guy. whew! Henry's mom had brought a baby rocker that has a toy bar on it similar to Kai's swing but the toys are lower. I put Kai in that and he loved it. He played while I got Henry out and showed him around the nursery. He LOVES to stand up while being held and tried playing with Malakai's hands.

Once he needed to be changed though, he wasn't too happy anymore. For the next half hour Henry and Malakai took turns fussing with a grand finale of both of them screaming at me. Talk about a humbling experience! At one point I was holding them both- which was quite interesting. I finally got Malakai to calm down in his swing while I walked Henry to sleep. Luckily, Henry is a crib sleeper so I was able to put him down and pick Malakai up to rock him to sleep and put him back in his swing for a nap. WOW!

All of that occurred in only 2 hours, and Henry's mom picked him up at 11:30am. Luckily she had a meeting that kept her distracted from missing Henry too much. On her way out she told me that she's so glad that Henry is with us instead of strangers and that she's glad they can help us out (financially) to make my staying at home easier.

What a lovely little arrangement.

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  1. Wow, you had quite a day but what a great time you will have with the two of them once they get settled into it all!!


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