Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Malakai update...and lots of photos

While I was changing Malakai's diaper the other day I thought I saw an extra bump where his undescended left testicle should be. I felt around and counted not one but TWO testicles! I literally yelled out with joy and then had Ben confirm my findings when he got home. It feels silly to write about my son's anatomy this way, and I'm not truly going to celebrate til his pediatrician confirms it at his two month appointment on Thursday but I'm just SO happy to think that our fears of surgery could be behind us already. Thank you God!

Ben's grandparents finally met Malakai last Thursday night. Here are a few pictures. Ben's grandpa cracks me up and I think Ben will look a lot like him when he's his age. I doubt he'll be as sassy though.

In other news...he has found his hands. His right one seems to be his favorite and he vigorously chews at it any chance he gets. It's adorable and sometimes hilarious, but he also gets a gnarly red mark on his face if he does it too long. But I'm sure it's silly to worry about such things.

On Saturday my best friend from High School was in town and gave us a call to see if she could stop by and finally meet Malakai. She was so excited to see him. I got some great pictures of her getting to know him. He needed to eat and we had just been out at a restaurant so I had a bottle ready. Ben was going to feed him but offered to have Lindsey do it...too sweet.

Yesterday was his first trip to the park...and I didn't get any photos. I know, it's so unlike me, but I didn't have my camera and am kicking myself right now because I did at least have my phone with me. I met up with a friend of mine who has a 1 year old boy named Titus and we had lunch and coffee at The Beanery down the street from my house (since my only means of transport while Ben is at work is my own two feet) and then we wandered over to the park across the street from my house. Titus played in the sand by the swings while Malakai ate and played on his blanket looking up at the sky. He was startled by the breeze a few times but otherwise seemed to really like being outside with so much to look at.
It was great to get out of the house and have adult conversation with someone who can relate to what I do every day. I have a feeling we'll make these stay-at-home mom dates a regular thing.

I can't stop taking pictures of my son- he's just so precious all the time! I take a lot of photos when he's sleeping.

I'm resisting the temptation to take pictures of him right now as he sleeps (finally)otherwise I might fill up the memory on our computer before he's 6 months old :)

Have a great week everyone...and wish us luck with our two month appointment and immunizations on Thursday! :(

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  1. That is such great news & I will keep my fingers crossed that the doctor confirms your findings!! He is a beautiful baby & I am right there with you on the picture addiction I have developed!!


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