Tuesday, September 1, 2009

He got the job!

Malakai's happy face...just because I can't resist posting a photo with each blog entry

Ben got a call this morning and was offered the job! He starts tomorrow bright & early at 7am. Now begins our transition into figuring out how to make sure daddy gets sleep at night when Malakai wants to be awake.

For the past few weeks the routine has been for Malakai to fall asleep for the night between 10pm and 11pm then he'll wake up around 2am and after being changed by daddy and fed by mommy half the time he crashes again and the other half of the time he'll be wide awake and want to have what we call "wiggle time" where he lays on the bed or a blanket on the floor and wiggles and coos until he's sleepy again. Then after going back to sleep he wakes up again somewhere between 5am and 6am to eat and again either conks back out or stays awake to wiggle some more and then sleeps another two hours.

Usually the wiggle time happens in bed between mama & daddy, but now that daddy has a new job we'll have to figure out wiggle time somewhere else. That's not really much of a problem, but I'm really going to miss those early morning moments where it's just the three of us and Malakai is so happy that neither one of us worries much about sleep because he's just too much fun to play with or just stare at.

Even though Ben hasn't worked for two months, he's really only gone unpaid for August. We had enough money from his vacation pay out at his last job and unemployment to get us by with bills and everything this past month. It may be a stretch over this month until he gets paid in October, but knowing that a steady paycheck is on the way is such a blessing.

Thanks to all of you who prayed for us and wished us well during Ben's time of unemployment. We really are so blessed that it didn't take longer for him to find a steady job. He's making the same amount of money he was at the job he got laid off from, but unlike his previous job this one has annual raises and he'll even have a wage review after 90 days!

The journey goes on as we adjust to this new job, having only one car, and continual changes that come with raising our first child.

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