Friday, August 28, 2009


Ben had a second interview this morning and should hear back on Monday or Tuesday of next week. I am hopeful that he will get this job, seems like a great fit. Last night when we were talking about Ben was telling me how it feels weird to him that he hasn't been to work for two months and that he feels unproductive for it. I told him it's going to be hard to transition back because he's been at home with Malakai since he was born. He seemed really sad to realize that he won't get to be with us all day, but I reassured him that Kai sleeps most of the day anyway and they will have lots of daddy time after work and on the weekends. My husband really is the sweetest dad.

Wednesday night Malakai gave us the gift of sleeping from 11pm-6am straight through! It was such a shock that when I woke up and realized it was the first time I had actually looked at the clock since going to bed the night before all I could do was tap Ben vigorously and point at the clock. He looked at the time, then looked at Kai and said "wait, is this the first time he's waking up?" At 7 hours straight, I'd consider that sleeping through the night!

Kai is 6 weeks old as of yesterday. He's getting bigger and more alert every day, some times it's exciting and other times I feel like it's slipping by too fast and I'm going to wake up one day and he'll be moving out to go to college. I know that's probably silly, but I bet other mothers out there can understand where I'm coming from.

Malakai's Great-Aunt and Uncle are visiting and will be here any time now so I should get are some recent photos of the boy

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