Thursday, August 20, 2009

5 weeks already?!

Mr. Malakai is 5 weeks old today. It truly has flown by way too fast, he's already too big and I find myself whispering in his ear that it'd be okay with me if he stayed a baby forever :)

He is getting more and more active and alert every day. He smiled at me after a 1am feeding some nights ago. I meant to write it down but it's already escaped me. He hasn't done it again though so I'm beginning to wonder if it was my imagination. Of course he does the gassy smiles all the time, especially in his sleep...but I was certain it was the real thing. He's testing out his voice and Ben and I are experts at deciphering his noises. He yells out sometimes when he's having what we call "wiggle time" but we both know very well that he's not upset, that he's just talking. He holds his head up like a pro and is even using his arms to support himself when he's on his tummy.

As far as employment goes, Ben is still looking. It's rough out there. We're also still waiting on unemployment. Things have been delayed because Ben worked at an educational institution and since summer is considered a "recess period" when many employees aren't paid (like teachers) he had to fill out additional paperwork to tell them that "yes, I really meant it when I told you the first time that I am a 12 month full-time employee" and this paperwork takes an additional two weeks to process.

Good news in the land of insurance- we were at Ben's parents' place the other night and his dad said he had a proposal for us. I was worried at what on earth it could be when I saw him grab a folder full of forms and brochures. Turns out that they want to pay for short term insurance for us until Ben gets a job and insurance kicks in. They even reassured us by telling us to think about it and that it's a gift with no strings attached and they don't want us to ever pay them back for it. Needless to say we didn't need to sleep on it. What an enormous blessing and a gigantic weight off of our shoulders!

We are off to have dinner with our only "friends with kids" that live nearby.

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