Monday, July 13, 2009

twins? ha!

Today we decided to run some errands. I HATE to grocery shop on the weekends (and in general really) because it's always too crowded so we waited until today.
We started our day by going out to lunch...with a giftcard since we're both newly unemployed. I got this weird tingly/numb feeling on my tongue for the 4th time. I realized that the last couple times I've had mushrooms in my food. I didn't eat mushrooms pre-pregnancy so perhaps I have an allergy I didn't know about? I can't find much by googling it though.
Anyway, afterwards we headed out to a carpet store to see if we could get a custom cut area rug for our living room because we can't find the right size/color for our living room. Unfortunately, we just got a lot of dumb looks from the people at the store so we headed to Target to return some more baby items that we had duplicates of. I didn't realize how easy it actually is to return stuff by just printing of your registry and using it in place of a receipt. We got another $50 of credit! Reason to celebrate when we're unsure of where our income will come from after August 1st.

When I got out of the car to head into Target this disheveled old guy was walking out and yelled to me clear across the parking lot "twins, right?" I looked around at first because he was so far away from us that I wasn't even sure he was talking to me. I would normally ignore crazy people comments but because I was about to walk right by him to get to the store and also because I'm at my wits end being almost 40 weeks pregnant I said "NO! and that's really rude!" He responded with "well I've only been right like 27 times" at this point I had my confirmation that he is nuts and kept walking. He yelled "God bless" after us, like that was supposed to make it better? I wasn't even offended by the comment, because although I'm feeling huge these days my belly is measuring small thankyouverymuch!

After picking up some much needed items and being irritated that Target doesn't have a portable wipes holder for our diaper bag, we headed to the grocery store. It was crazy busy at 3pm on a Monday afternoon! Gr. It wouldn't have been so bad except there were two 13 year old girls (one wearing a bunny rabbit hat?) running up and down the isles and almost taking out people multiple times. Their mother didn't say a thing and I really wanted to take a swing at them with my giant jug of OJ. I'm normally not violent, so I could tell that I have all sorts of late pregnancy hormones racing through me.
Just my luck the crazy-tweens were behind us in the check out line and while I was bagging our groceries the bunny-hatted-one decided it was necessary to push her cart past me and ran into me three times while giggling "excuse me". Ohhhh my goodness, I so wanted to scream at her or her mother but held back and got the heck out of there before I assaulted a child.

I really do not want to leave this house again until it's time to go to the hospital...


  1. Oh my god.....what is wrong with people??

  2. i have tried to talk my husband into doing the grocery shopping until the baby comes...he's not going for it! oh well, it was worth a shot!
    and i totally hear you on the preggo hormones...i am so very irritable...i feel so bad because i just get so cranky! it's gonna be a long 6 weeks!
    your little guy should be here any day now, shouldn't he? so exciting!

  3. Don't you love people! I am Amazed at the comments pregnant people get. I walked into the gas station the other day and the cashier exclaimed "WOAAHHH!! She's big!" I shot her a look and kept walking (I wanted to say "WOAH--you're rude", among other things, but I bit my lip instead). Hang in there, it is worth it in the end (so they tell me)!!


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