Thursday, July 30, 2009

put on my engagement ring...

and I can't get it off. My wedding band is slightly smaller because of the different shape so I'm glad I didn't put it on. I've been so impatient about wearing it again that I kept trying it on and since it finally slipped over my knuckle I put it all the way on and now it's not coming off. I'm guessing it's partially due to the heat.

We have a flood of visitors coming today. 10am two of my aunts and my cousins came to meet him for the first time. In about 30 minutes a friend from church who I worked with in the nursery is coming to meet him. We haven't been to church yet since he was born. We'll probably venture to attend a service weekend after this next one. He'll be just over 3 weeks at that point.

At some point my brother-in-law is going to stop by since he's in town and tonight another cousin and her husband are bringing dinner over.

So glad the house is already husband is awesome!

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  1. Malakai is so precious! I'm glad to hear that you can wait a while before deciding if he needs surgery. I really hope time just works things out.
    Oh, Windex for your ring... it'll get it right off and clean it at the same time.
    Have a great weekend!


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