Sunday, July 26, 2009

new blog name...

so I finally got around to renaming the blog. I never really liked the previous name, I thought it was too cliche...but couldn't think of anything better and eventually forgot about it.
The previous title no longer made sense now that our son has arrived and the contents of my posts are more about him, us learning about parenting, and my husband Ben's recent unemployment. It's all so new so I thought Breaking New Ground seemed appropriate.
We've had a lot thrown at us in the last couple of weeks, but are remaining optimistic and enjoying our son to the fullest.

We're going to call the doc on Monday and basically demand some information. Three whole business days went by with nothing from them about Malakai's ultrasound and we need to know ASAP so we can try to schedule things before our insurance runs out. Although, at this point I don't know if that's possible seeing as it ends on July 31st!

Ben will be calling around tomorrow about alternative coverage. We were told when he was laid off that we wouldn't have the option of COBRA coverage because our current insurance company is church-based making it private and non-profit. That isn't making much sense to us or anyone we've told that to, so Ben will be making some phone calls to dig in deeper and see what our options really are.

Unfortunately, we aren't able to get on the state of Oregon's health insurance because you have to provide income statements for the previous 4 months and with both of us working up until June/July we surely wouldn't qualify.

On Friday we are leaving for a week vacation to the coast. I'm pretty excited to go to the beach since we haven't been yet this summer. We won a time-share through Ben's previous employer and are still able to use it even though he no longer works for them. I was more excited when I thought it was a vacation we found out it's a condo/apartment thing. I'm wondering how sharing walls with neighbors will fare having our newborn son along. So the draw is more about the scenery and the get-away itself than the accommodations and we've decided that no matter what we'll have a good time.

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