Saturday, July 11, 2009

enjoying the wait

Today I settled into patience and decided to enjoy the wait. I've been so anxious to meet our little man and have these daily contractions progress to active labor that I've made myself miserable. I'm not even to my due date, but have been feeling overdue since my doc said I'm most likely give birth early.

I found joy in spending quality time with my husband- even while doing household chores. We also went for a walk in the sunshine and watched a movie. It was a lovely day with a perfect balance of getting things done to keep order in the house and relaxing. Even though I feel like I'll be pregnant forever, it won't be much longer before our days as a twosome are a distant memory. I've decided to tone down the grumbling (even though Ben is beyond understanding of my impatience and discomfort) and trade it in for a grateful attitude.

I've decided to not be such a punk- but I don't know that I'll be appearing solo in many more pictures. I'm really feeling self-conscious even though I know it's normal, I just don't feel like I look like me anymore. Mostly it's that I look more exhausted than I feel- which is pretty bad.
Anyway, here's a photo of us before we went out to dinner on our 2 year anniversary

Oh and we finished the nursery. I still tinker in there just about every day and change things slightly, but here are some photos of the finished product. I'm quite pleased with it and love to just sit in there and look around.
The green walls look truest to their color in the first picture because I didn't use the flash. The rest are a bit washed out.


  1. I just love your nursery; it is so cute. Hang in there it won't be long now!!

  2. You look beautiful - and that nursery is fabulous.

    Your post really got me thinking how this will be the last few weeks hubby and I will be alone in our little home. We heard a baby crying last night - a neighbor's newborn - and just looked at each other and nodded...yep, coming soon. Another phase in life ending, another phase in life beginning. :)

  3. Agreed, you look fantastic! And I love all that you've done with the baby's room, super cute!!!!!!

  4. Thanks Ladies....I think that if you haven't already felt this way though you're sure to have a couple bad mornings around 38-40 weeks.
    Today's a good day though- take the time to find something that makes you feel good about the way you look and be patient with yourself!

  5. love your nusery, it is sooooo fun and love all the color! (found you through panic room)we are getting our nursery ready for our second little one coming in august and i am already feeling like the end should be here...still have a ways to go! you really do look fabulous, enjoy those last few days as a twosome & thanks for sharing your home! (i am in the process of trying to get our litte guy's nursery ready and have no clue what i want to do...4-6 weeks, i better get moving!)


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