Monday, July 6, 2009

appointment update and then some

Went into the doc again today. I'm about 4cm dilated but down to 50% effaced. Apparently effacement can go back and forth...I had no idea about this!
We have one more appointment scheduled for July 15th and our due date is July 18th. After that my doc is on vacation. Today she offered the option of inducing labor next week if I don't go into labor naturally since she won't be here after that. She said she doesn't just offer this to everyone but that my cervix is very favorable and an induction would most likely go very well. However, there is a higher instance of emergency c-section with induction and we've been against any medications and interventions from the beginning. So- while it's tempting to set a date and avoid going overdue or seeing a different doc, we are sticking to our plan. I'm most in favor as I don't like the idea of being tied to a pitocin drip or any other needles & tubes during labor. We'll wait for nature to take it's course as long as baby is healthy. My doctor completely understood and I love that about her...I'm really hoping she will be able to deliver this baby.
Took a nap after the appointment since I woke up at 4am again this morning. Walked about a mile this afternoon and have been having some contractions but they are still inconsistent in their timing and intensity. I'm working on patience.
We have a breast-feeding class tonight that we missed last month because we were at L&D for fear of pre-term labor (oh the irony) but we're skipping it. I feel like a bad "student" but I'm so not in the mood to sit around a room at the hospital with a bunch of strangers and learn about breasts. I have books and friends and think that should be the support we'll need. Plus Ben's best friend's bday get-together is tonight and I'd much rather hang out with friends before that becomes a distant memory.
Speaking of...we are the first of just about all of our close friends to have a baby and we're already noticing that lack of invitation to things. But we're making friends with people that have kids and making an effort to initiate contact with those that don't and that don't seem to understand that we're still us and quite capable of hanging out just like before...


  1. Why is it that friends think you're now home-ridden once you're pregnant? I have a friend who is a mother and she's the worst offender of "forgetting to invite" me out. Oh well.

    Good luck, I hope baby comes naturally before your Dr. goes on vacation! :-)


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