Friday, July 10, 2009

39 Weeks-no more photos!

There will be no picture to accompany this post or probably any further posts as I LOATHE the way I look and feel right now. I'm retaining so much fluid that I just feel like a giant water balloon. It may be vain to feel this way, but I'm okay with that...

How far along? 39 weeks, cannot believe we have a week until my due date!
Total weight gain/loss: I think it's still hovering around 30-35 lbs.
Maternity clothes? most of them won't cover the bottom of my belly anymore and I just don't care...
Stretch marks?just the tiny ones on my hips and my navel piercing. I'm hoping it stays that way...which would be nothing short of a miracle because my other parts were covered with them in puberty and my whole family has them. My doc is shocked every time she sees my stretchmark free belly.
Sleep: I'm used to this lack of sleep thing but am so tired of my aching hips.
Best moment this week: How excited Ben was when we thought that it was "time"
Movement: all the time, still some pretty big movements and lots of hiccups. I'm waiting for one of these punches to break my water already!
Food cravings: nothing in particular.
Gender: boy
Labor Signs: false labor just about every evening for the past week
Belly Button in or out?slightly out
What I miss: being 35 lbs lighter and more comfortable.
What I am looking forward to: giving birth and meeting our sweet boy!
Weekly Wisdom: start exercising early in pregnancy, even if it's just walking. I've been walking at least a mile a day for the past two weeks and it feels great and helps me sleep a bit better.
Milestones: 39 weeks is a pretty big one since we've been told over and over the baby would be early since I'm sitting here at 4cm at least...but he's being stubborn!

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  1. I'm sure you look just as beautiful!

    The waiting must be excruciating! I've really learned a lot from your surveys - and yes, the walking helps so much. I am so cranky now if I don't get my morning and evening turns around our neighborhood!



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