Thursday, July 23, 2009

1 week old

Malakai hit the one week mark yesterday and we got some gifts for him in the mail!

We got the Twilight Turtle, which I've wanted forever but haven't seen in any stores in our city.

And a few different things from another friend that included this adorable outfit.

I put it on him right away and took this photo to send as a thank you to the friend that sent it. I love these little shortie outfits but our stores don't have them in newborn sizes.

We are still waiting to hear from the doc's office about his ultrasound. Ben is probably going to call today to find out if the radiologist and the doctor have even talked about it yet.

I'm headed to motherhood maternity in a bit here to try to find a nursing bra that fits. I tried Target the other day and did get some of their nursing tanks but they don't have any bras even close to my size. According to motherhood's website and my measurements I am a 36E. I don't understand that because I always thought that band size corresponds with the inches and I'm 32 inches...whatever. We'll see what we can do.

After that we're headed out to my parent's place to visit and I'm hoping that Malakai will be alert for just a little bit as he's been sleeping every time they've come to see him. He pretty much sleeps all day, even during feedings, and then decides to be awake and alert right when we are trying to get into bed.

Last night we tried to go to bed early since he was already sleeping. It was 9pm and I put him down in his bassinet and he immediately woke up hungry. So I fed him, then daddy changed him, then he was hungry again, and on and on until 11pm! He wouldn't sleep in his bassinet so I snuggled up with him in our bed.

I have no problem with co-sleeping...I just wasn't planning on doing it every night. I also feel like I don't sleep all that well because I'm subconsciously worried about rolling over on him or something. Sometimes he'll sleep next to me or I'll lay him on my chest. He sleeps for a loooong time this way though, so that's the good thing about it. Right now...he's sleeping in his bassinet- no problem.

His umbilical cord fell off last night. FREAKED ME OUT! Ben was changing him and called out that it came off and I said "no, it's too earlly!" I thought it was supposed to take a few weeks. But he wasn't bleeding and everything looks fine.

I'm off to actually do something with my hair today since we're leaving the house. Wish me luck!


  1. oh, he is such a cutie! and that outfit looks so cozy for a newborn. not sure if you have any other kind of specialty maternity stores in your area, but i would highly, highly reccommend the bravado nursing bras...i don't think they sell them at motherhood and they are a tad bit more expensive, but they are very, very comfortable and supportive. i used them with my daughter and will use them again with our son. you can find them online as well if you want to check into them & see if they might interest you. i'm sure motherhood has great ones, as well, but i won't stray from these, they saved me!
    the hair comment is so funny! i actually had some pictures done the other day and did my hair for the first time since christmas probobly...of course i ended up wearing it up in the pics so not really sure why i bothered...but it sure felt nice! ha!
    sorry for the ramble!

  2. thanks amanda. I didn't see your comment until after I went on my shopping trip, although this is one of numerous trips I've taken to buy bras and I've never been able to find Bravado ones in our area. The nearest store is Nordstrom in Portland as far as I know.
    I got two of motherhood's newer bras that are sort of like sports bras w/o the "uniboob" look. hehe. They have a lot of support so I'm pretty happy with them.


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