Thursday, June 11, 2009

Nursery Progress

So, last night, despite the contractions I cleaned up the nursery. Meanwhile, Ben swept and mopped the entire house. I felt bossy asking him to do it, but once it was finished we were both happy to have dust free floors!
The nursery was being taken over by gift bags and boxes full of gifts from two showers. I knew that it would be impossible to navigate if we let it stay that way when the third shower came around. It's on June 20th. Three showers seems like a lot, but one was just for co-workers, one was just family (too many people to invite gal friends too) and this one a friend offered to throw for all my girls to come to. We don't really need any more baby stuff, I'm just excited that so many of my girlfriends are coming into town at once!!!
Anyway- we got a new bookshelf that is 7 feet tall (with our 8 ft ceiling!) and a matching end table that are a few shades lighter than the deep espresso crib and changer, but compliment them well. Plus- they were free!
I went through all the gifts and sorted them into piles of clothing, bath stuff/lotions, bottles/binkies, bedding, and diapering. Then I put everything away. The last thing I did was sit and take the tags off of all the 0-3 clothes so that we can get them washed. We already had one set of onsies washed in preparation for an early arriving bebe...but this weekend I'll be taking care of the rest.
I thought with all the activity that I would sleep better. I managed to sleep worse. I didn't have many contractions while I was working so I think they caught up with me that night. I had some really painful ones with cramping every hour or two that woke me up.
I also noticed last night that I think baby has dropped. Ben sees the difference as well, and I got a comment from a friend/co-worker about it this week too. We'll see what doc says at our next appointment in a week.
Anyway, I plan to take pictures when we get home tonight (after a work BBQ) to show off how much better it looks from my previous "after shower" post.
Now if I could stop thinking about the things hiding in the closet...


  1. I'm glad to hear your ontractions seem to be subsiding, at least while you're enjoying nesting in the baby's room!!! :-)

  2. Can you believe how many tags you have to cut off of those tiny little clothes; it drove me nuts when I washed all of our LO's clothes.
    I am sorry that the contractions kept you up & hope that you get some much needed rest this weekend.


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