Friday, May 29, 2009

you DO get a baby after all this!

My boss had her baby a day before her due date on May 26th. Little Henry is the cutest, it was so fun to go to the hospital and talk to her about the experience. At one point she told me that pushing was "fun"...she was also equipped with an epidural and I will not be. I told her I'd keep her posted on how much fun I have in July :)
The hospital is brand new, opened last August, so it was great to get a peek at what the rooms look like while in use. They have a twin bed next to the window for dads, all rooms are private and have a giant bathroom. It's like a freakin' hotel!
Here's a picture of me holding her brand new baby boy...settled right on top of my baby bump.

At one point my little guy nudged him with his feet- we all thought that was hilarious.
Now I'm getting really anxious to meet my baby boy...

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