Thursday, May 14, 2009

the messy nursery

Here are some pictures of the "progress" of our nursery. I use the term progress very loosely as it still has a very long way to go, but I'm enjoying the transformation.
This first picture is what it looked like when we had re-painted it last summer and started putting things on the walls as our guest room.

There's a Queen bed on the left, and Ben's gigantic desk of course. The closet is behind where he is sitting in this photo. The bed got moved to a spare room at his parents' place and the desk is now in a nook of our living room.

Here's what it looks like mostly empty.

The pile of gifts was after our work shower. The contents of the closet is still a source of stress for me. We have a lot of clothing and miscellaneous items hiding in there.

Here is what it looks like currently after shower number two. I couldn't resist taking pictures of Ben when he wasn't paying attention. He had just opened all the gifts to see what we got and was looking through a baby book :)

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  1. Don't stress too much about it, you will have the room done before you know it!!


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