Thursday, May 28, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

Last weekend we had a three day weekend for Memorial Day. Ben and I house sat for my parents, they went away to the coast for their anniversary and we stayed with my siblings at their house.
I spent a lot of time out by their pool and tanned pretty quickly. On Monday I was outside from 11:30am to almost 4pm and got a sunburn! The worst part is that I burned my belly! It's healing now, but it's so itchy I can barely stand it. Thank goodness for mary kay's after sun's awesome stuff.
I'll be out by the pool again this weekend for a family get together...I need a maternity tankini to protect my belly, any recommendations?
Here's a picture of Ben and I by the pool and that 32 week belly of mine before the burn.

and here I am with my mom's maltese- Bella. She LOVES to sit by my belly.


  1. You look adorable in your 2 piece, but sorry to hear about the sun burn! I bought a regular tankini just in a bigger size because the maternity ones I tried on didn't fit right. All I can suggest is if you buy one make sure you try it on becuase they fit really funny!

  2. old navy has tankini's in the maternity section on sale online. enjoy!


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