Tuesday, May 5, 2009

first stranger belly rub...

In my line of work, College Admissions, I meet new and interesting people every day. For the past 3 years I worked with first-time freshman which mostly consists of High School Seniors. They're sweet and often shy or super excited about checking out colleges.
This year I work with transfer students. They are all ages, all walks of life, and it's never a dull moment. It seems that transfer students each have a special case/interest/need of their own and the personality types to go along with.
Transfer students also tend to just drop in at any given moment instead of setting up advising appointments.
Today a lady came in guided to us by our choir director, Melissa. She had a lot of questions and her answers to mine didn't line up with each other very well, so I was doing a lot of smiling and nodding as I tried to figure out what she was looking for.
Our conference room was in use so we were chatting over the tall counter in the front office and as the conversation came to a close she asked me the loaded "how are you feeling?" with her eyes fixed on my belly.
I began to tell her that I'm feeling fine and the she blurted out "I just have to" and reached out to rub my belly! I looked up Melissa who widened her eyes at me and my friend Krista who works at the front desk. It got increasingly awkward when she left her hand there as she asked when I'm due...
When I told her, she said "oh, 2 more months...you're going to be as big as a house!" I said "gee thanks a lot" and she replied "I'm allowed to say that because I had twins".
Melissa gave me an "I'm so sorry look" and we politely ended the conversation and parted ways.
I looked over at Krista who was almost as mortified as I was.
Later, Melissa called and told Krista to apologize for the belly rubbing that I got.

I guess I'm lucky to not have had this experience until now- but it was quite the morning getting both the stranger belly rub and rude size comment back to back like that!

Lucky for said stranger that it happened while I was at work and in "professional mode" I have no idea how I would have responded otherwise!

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  1. haha you should have reached forward and rubbed hers right back


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