Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Family Shower

This past weekend was super busy and really fun.
On Saturday my mom, sister, MIL & SIL threw me a baby shower that included all the women on both mine and Ben's sides of the family. It was 1pm-3pm at my in-laws house. The weather was perfect-sunny and warm!
I arrived a bit early to eat and hang out with my sisters and the moms before everyone arrived. I was shocked at the cake my mom had made- it was so beautiful and matched the CoCaLo Turtle Bay nursery theme that we chose! Check this out...

I mean, seriously impressive, right?

My mother in law went out of her way with decorations- the pretty greens as the main color with blue accents here and there. The favors were little rattles with mints in them.

I put together something modest for the hostess gifts. The lotion smells SO good!

The tradition on my side of the family is to have the bassinet at the shower to fill/surround with gifts. This bassinet will be on it's 4th generation with our little guy. My mom sanded it and repainted it. I think it's adorable! It's now in our bedroom with a pretty green sheet and some stuffed turtle friends, awaiting our son's arrival.

Here I am posing with Ben's mom and my mom

With my sister in law and my sister

Ben's mom made this quilt for her first grandson. It's a pattern she has made for all her nieces and nephews, but changed to match our green turtle theme.

My parents bought us our crib!

Ben showed up at the end to help load things. We're storing our guest bed at their house and he came with my dad to get the crib and gifts.
My aunt Sarah painted this awesome picture for the boy's nursery- how did the artistic gene miss me by so much?

Here are some photos of me with my girls.

It was a great day- I felt literally showered with gifts and love by all our family.

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  1. I love the cake that your mom made & you look awesome too!!


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