Saturday, May 16, 2009

aches and pains please don't ruin my weekend!

Since the shower last week, I've been thinking about our plans to put together the crib this weekend nonstop. So of course, now that the magical time is here, I don't think I'll be able to help.
Thursday a nasty migraine creeped up on me, no doubt it was made worse by the 10am insurance meeting at work where we found out that the deductible is going up to $3,000 and it starts July looks like we'll be paying for all the expenses related to the birth of this child unless he decides to come two weeks early.
Friday, my headache felt better but I started to get a tightening pain to the left of my spine around my ribs. I just figured it was a normal ache and tried to adjust my posture to keep it from getting worse. By lunch time, I tried to bend to the side to pick up my purse and yelled out in pain. It hasn't let up since.
I thought going to sleep last night would help and that maybe I'd wake up feeling better. But by then the pain wasn't just brought on by certain movements, it was nagging constantly. Even after my attempts at icing it during the day and then a hot bath just before bed.
I decided to try to sleep in the recliner on our love seat, Ben insisted on coming with me. He really is the sweetest creature, I'm so blessed. I did fall asleep, mostly due to the help of Tylenol PM...but I couldn't stay asleep. I'm not sure if it was the pain or the partying college students next door. We went back to our bedroom around midnight where the party couldn't be heard so well and I slept okay most of the night.
I felt better when I woke up, but as soon as I moved the pain came back. ARGH! I'm wondering if it's deeper than muscle, like a popped-out rib or something. If it's still bothering me by Monday I'll be making a call to the chiropractor.
Right now it's 9am and Ben is mowing the backyard, right next to aforementioned party house and we're both getting a kick out of the thought that we're ruining their sleep...enjoy that hangover kids!

Call me stubborn but I'm still planning on helping with the nursery, not to mention all the other items on my long weekend to-do list. It would kill me to stand by and let Ben do all the work- plus I'm sure it's more than a one person job. The question is, will he LET me help?

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