Tuesday, May 26, 2009

32 weeks

How far along?32 weeks 4 days
Total weight gain/loss: Doc says I'm on track to stay between the 25-35 suggested weight gain...I think I had already gained weight before the first weight she has on my chart though!
Maternity clothes? I hate clothes in general. Mostly because I got a sunburn yesterday and it hurts to wear anything...
Stretch marks? found my first one but I am NOT telling where it is...so obvs it's not my belly...
Sleep: was amazing while house sitting at my parents' place this memorial day weekend, they have a featherbed mattress thing.
Best moment this week: My dad stopped being so shy and finally felt his grandson move, he giggled and it was so sweet.
Movement: always, and it speeds up with music. Daddy's a musician so he LOVES that.
Food cravings: I craved BBQ'd hot dogs yesterday...which was interesting since I HATE hot dogs and they usually give me a headache, but I had two and it was great.
Gender: boy. It's weird to answer this question every week...it ain't changin'!
Labor Signs:none

Belly Button in or out? still a little bit of both, out on the top and flat on the bottom.
What I miss: people asking "how are you doing?" instead of "how are you feeling?"
What I am looking forward to:meeting my boss' little boy. She's due tomorrow and went in to the hospital at 8am...have been waiting for an update ever since. I really can't wait to hear her birth story.
Weekly Wisdom: Buy "The Birth Partner" it's so interesting, I can barely put it down but need Ben to catch up with me so we can talk about it together.
Milestones: swelling has become a constant companion...the heat we've been having and my sunburn probably don't help matters.

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