Thursday, April 2, 2009

Apparently I've "popped"

I haven't had many comments on the growth of my baby bump, except from my husband. He adores my belly...which is sweet, and really helpful for the self-esteem.
Over the past week, I have had non-stop mentions of how much I've grown and how pregnant I look.
First it came from my Gram on Facebook (yes, she's on facebook) and she said something to the effect of us having a big baby.
Then my 18-year-old sister who I hadn't seen in two weeks takes a look at me and says "you got big". When I complained to her she and my mom both replied with "well you did!"
I get to work on Monday of this week and my boss (also pregnant) says she swears that my belly had grown since she'd seen me last (3 days).
I was talking to Ben about how I feel like my belly is finally moving up. I've been carrying super low and my belly button was flat only on the sides and bottom. Literally the next day, the top of my belly button flattened out too!
I'm not really offended by any of these comments, and I love being and (finally) looking pregnant. I just never expected the barrage of comments all at once!
I'll take some updated pics and post them soon.

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  1. Aww - well from the pix I've seen so far in the siggy, you look awesome!


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