Saturday, March 21, 2009


I've surely hit the nesting phase.
Today we went grocery shopping, I reorganized the kitchen, baked a cake, did laundry, made dinner, went through clothes and put away things that don't fit (the third and probably not the last time I'll do this).
Ben played video games, surfed the web, helped fold laundry, and is now editing video.
If my back and feet weren't hurting so badly, I'd probably be in the nursery going through all the junk that needs to go!

I got some maternity hand-me-downs from MIL's boss today. Only one of the tops fits right now, the rest are way too big. They'll probably be nice for the end of my pregnancy when I don't want to buy clothes for the last month, and I can wear whatever I want because I won't be at work!

Totally unrelated- have I mentioned that Ben won a vacation at work? I don't want to bother to check my previous posts to see if I've already told this story. Someone donates a week of their timeshare at a beachfront house in Lincoln City. Non-negotiable dates of July 31st-August 7th. Baby could be anywhere between 7 weeks and 1 week old by then. If we aren't up to going we'll give it to my parents. I can't help but wonder if we'll go and be able to enjoy it with a newborn...

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