Friday, March 6, 2009

First Nursery Purchase!

Before I even got pregnant, Ben and I had a plan for what we wanted the nursery to look like. It's not a super detailed plan, just colors and a general theme. This was inspired by my discovery of the CoCaLo Turtle Bay Collection that I recently learned has been discontinued.

Since I could no longer register for these items I've been searching to find deals online before they were gone. Babies R Us has nothing left, nor does Target, and most of the online stores just have the lightswitch cover and wallpaper border- both items I wasn't planning on getting.
Last night I finally found three of my favorite and must-have items online at Bed, Bath, and Beyond- much to my surprise.
The first is my favorite, the rug- we have hardwood floors so a rug in the nursery is a must!

The second is a mobile, which will be the only item to tie the crib into the decor since the bedding isn't available.

And last are the wall hangings. I'm excited to be able to take one of these with us to register to match colors as closely as possible.

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