Monday, March 9, 2009

Baby Weekend!

Ben and I went up to Portland this past weekend for a wedding. We went up early and had lunch with my best friend and her husband in West Linn. She hadn't seen me "looking" pregnant yet, she tried to feel the little guy kick but he was being shy.

We went from there to the wedding and saw two former co-workers who haven't seen me since before I was pregnant. It was fun to see them.

Then we went to Gresham and stayed over with a girl friend of mine from college that also hadn't seen the pregnant version of me yet. Baby did kick for her- she was excited to be the second to feel it. Ben was the first (if you don't count the u/s tech...).

The next day Ben and I went on a shopping extravaganza! Eugene doesn't have a Babies R Us so that was my main goal for the day in Portland, was to experience BRU and possibly register. We actually started out at the Old Navy because the one in Gresham has maternity and ours does not. I got a ton of new clothes, so excited!
Then we went to IKEA though...neither of us had ever been, so it was quite the overwhelming adventure. We weren't really looking to buy...just checking things out. They have some of the funniest baby/kid stuff there. Our child will eventually have the following items:

But I wasn't too impressed with the cribs. They didn't seem to have multiple levels to adjust the mattress and they were kind of boring.
Next we went to Babies R Us. We went up and down every single isle and it was so much fun! We didn't formally register because my main registry will be at Target and I want to double check that they don't carry what we want first- then I'll register online at BRU.
We looked at carriers, Ben wants a front carrier like a baby bjorn and I want a sling carrier. I've read that it makes sense to get two anyway so you aren't constantly adjusting for who's wearing the thing.

We then discovered the infanct car set/stroller travel system that we want and then fell in love with the matching play yard and high chair.

There was also a bedding set that I liked, but doesn't totally match the nursery. I think I'll just get the sheets, they are white with blue and green circles, it's by KidsLine and it's called "Bubbles". There are turtles in the theme, but along with an octupus, fish, and other sea life.

We also settled on a crib we want. I originally was looking for the Da Vinci Paker or Kalani cribs, but they didn't have them in the store. I also really want a non-converable non-drop side crib that has low enough sides for me to lean over. That's a lot of requirements, but I think I found them in the Carter's Classic Sleigh crib with an Espresso finish. It's a beautiful thing...and Ben loves it too! yay:)

There's a shelf at the bottom and it's very sturdy. Also, there's a matching changing table and dresser that we'll probably register for, but most likely won't get or be able to purchase ourselves...but I can dream, right?
Well in the interest in not making this post any longer than it already is, to summarize our trip we went to Bridgeport Village in Tigard {one of my fave shopping places} and ate at California Pizza Kitchen, browsed at The Container Store and the Apple Store {for Ben}, then stopped at the Outlets in Woodburn- got a great deal on a cute mimi maternity dress at motherhood and some adorable outfits at Carter's. Finished off with hot pretzel's at Auntie Anne's and were on our way home!

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  1. Aww... that is such a cute bed with the leaf over it! How cool!


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