Sunday, February 15, 2009

Vday at the OG

Last night Ben & I went out for Valentine's Day for the first time- he chose Olive Garden (or the OG as our server called it) and the wait was 75 minutes. We waited about half of it in the car. We spent the other half irritated with all the people who were sitting in the waiting area and not offering their spot to the pregnant lady...oh well.
At the end of our lovely meal our server- a particularly spunky young man- made a comment about my little one wanting dessert after we turned it down. I so badly wanted to say "what little one?" and totally make him think that he had insulted me for assuming I was pregnant...but I was good and said something about the baby kicking me all night if I had more to eat. Part of me is still wishing I had been a brat, just to see the look on his face. Maybe next time :)

In other news...I SWEAR that I felt the baby kick from the outside during church today. Must have been a rare and particularly strong kick, and I'm hoping it happens again soon so Ben can feel it. He layed with his hand on my tummy for quite a while tonight after I ate (when bebe usually moves) but I think steak & potatoes put the little one to sleep. It's still early, but I can't wait for him to feel it.

Oh yeah! I also made a random stop at Goodwill today in hopes that they had some secret-fit belly jeans (by Motherhood Maternity) because the Motherhood store didn't have my size and I don't get to wear jeans often enough spend $40 on something that is ill fitting. I found a pair for $5.99! They are in really good condition. I also found a couple of cute tops amongst the mumu's and floral blouses. I was pretty excited about the jeans though because my only ones that fit right now are the low panel jeans from Target and they are way too tight when I'm sitting. yay for cheap maternity clothes!

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