Thursday, February 26, 2009

The "Big" Ultrasound- our results

Today was the big ultrasound and we are having a boy! Like...100% there's no chance it could be a girl. We are both thrilled, I cried tears of joy. It's so wonderful to finally know!

He is healthy and beautiful and was wiggling all around except when she tried to get him to turn to get a profile shot. She literally tilted the bed so my feet were up and my head was worked! Haha. She even felt him kick- the hardest kick I've ever felt. I feel bad for Ben though, cause he's been wanting to feel a kick for a while now. I told him he'll just have to poke my belly for a while to get him to kick back :)

The one bummer was that we didn't get video like we were promised. My original u/s was scheduled for yesterday at my Dr. office and they told us to bring a DVD to get a video. When they rescheduled I double checked that the other office has the same capablities, they said yes...but it doesn't. The sonographer was great though and printed us extra pics because she felt bad that we were mislead about the video.

I would have been more disappointed, but I am too stoked about having a healthy baby boy to even care!

Now I have to try and concentrate on work for 4 hours...yeah right!
I'll upload pictures when I get home late tonight.

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