Saturday, February 28, 2009


Today Ben and I were at a church seminar thing, sitting in the audience, when baby kicked the hardest I've ever felt. My hand was on my belly and I definitely felt it from the outside! It actually made me jump. While Ben put his hand on my belly to try to feel it I got really teary-eyed and couldn't stop grinning. I was so excited! Unfortunately, he didn't kick for daddy.
A little later I was laying down at home and felt some kicking so I had Ben try again. After a while he finally felt it! It was no where near as hard as it was in church earlier, but he definitely felt our son kicking! It was such a beautiful moment, I'm so glad he finally got to feel our little boy moving around.

Friday, February 27, 2009

still can't concentrate

This is does the world expect me to get anything done when all I can think about is cute little boy outfits, furniture, decor...::sigh::

Thursday, February 26, 2009

20 week u/s picties

Here are his sweet little feets and legs...I'm going to spare my son's dignity and not post the "boy" pics. His whole family has already seen them ;)
Profile pics are my favorite, look at his sweet face! He was moving his mouth.
This one I love, because he's laying with his arms EXACTLY how mamma sleeps. 

The "Big" Ultrasound- our results

Today was the big ultrasound and we are having a boy! Like...100% there's no chance it could be a girl. We are both thrilled, I cried tears of joy. It's so wonderful to finally know!

He is healthy and beautiful and was wiggling all around except when she tried to get him to turn to get a profile shot. She literally tilted the bed so my feet were up and my head was worked! Haha. She even felt him kick- the hardest kick I've ever felt. I feel bad for Ben though, cause he's been wanting to feel a kick for a while now. I told him he'll just have to poke my belly for a while to get him to kick back :)

The one bummer was that we didn't get video like we were promised. My original u/s was scheduled for yesterday at my Dr. office and they told us to bring a DVD to get a video. When they rescheduled I double checked that the other office has the same capablities, they said yes...but it doesn't. The sonographer was great though and printed us extra pics because she felt bad that we were mislead about the video.

I would have been more disappointed, but I am too stoked about having a healthy baby boy to even care!

Now I have to try and concentrate on work for 4 hours...yeah right!
I'll upload pictures when I get home late tonight.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Big Ultrasound Update

Just before work this morning I got a call from the Doc's office. It freaked me out at first, but knowing that my test results had already come in normal I figured I was getting an early reminder call.
Buuuut...turns out the u/s tech I was scheduled to see for Wednesday had injured her arm and I needed to reschedule. I knew the early appointment at my Doc's actual office was too good to be true!
They reschedule for the next morning 2/26 at 10:15am. I can be patient for one more day than I was expecting. The bigger bummer is that it's no longer at my OB's office, it's at one of the other labs...across town. My biggest concern is that if there's something wrong that the sonographer would need a Doctor to explain, who comes in an talks to me? I know I shouldn't worry about that, but my Dr. said if anything needs deeper explanation they'd call her in-but without that option I'm not sure how it works. I'm assuming a Dr. from the office I'm going to will come in...but that's not my favorite idea. I guess that just means that nothing is allowed to go wrong!
Oh Dearest Baby- please be healthy and cooperative! Love, Mamma.

long work days

I can't believe it's Monday already! We had an event at work on Friday and Saturday so I worked from 8am-11:30 pm on Friday and 8am-3pm on we had actual plans this weekend so it just flew by.

We had our 18 week appointment last Wednesday. Heartbeat is a fast 162 bpm and we had the quad marker screening done (everything came back normal!). My OB said I could come in for my big u/s at 19 weeks 5 days and they don't usually do them until at or after 20 weeks...even though it's just a few days earlier, I am SO excited. We're continually praying that everything will be healthy and normal and that little muffin will cooperate so we can find out boy or girl!

On a random note, I HATE it when people tell me I look small for almost 20 weeks or that I don't look pg at all. It's rude, keep it to yourself. Happened a couple times at the work event when strangers found out I'm expecting.

Baby moves a lot and I keep thinking Ben will feel it any day, but we're still waiting for that milestone.

Monday, February 16, 2009

a snapshot

survey stolen from one of my fave blogs...

How far along? 18 weeks 3 days
Total weight gain/loss: good question ::weighs self and almost slips off scale:: 6 pounds.
Maternity clothes? exclusively...I've purchased way too many new ones already, so I ventured to Goodwill and got some AWESOME jeans for $5.99!
Stretch marks? already have a ton from my lovely teen years, will most likely triple that by the end of this
Sleep: precious and rare
Best moment this week: feeling kicks from the outside, can't wait for Ben to feel it!
Movement: started at 14 weeks, is now a daily occurrence, especially after sugar
Food cravings: popsicles or smoothies, I MUST have at least one if not both on a daily basis.
Gender: hoping to find out in two weeks. I don't have a preference.
Labor Signs: better not be!
Belly Button in or out? in, but getting more shallow by the week
What I miss: my old clothes, I have so few to choose from these days.
What I am looking forward to: seeing the baby at our next ultrasound...yet to be scheduled official, but hopefully happening in two weeks.
Weekly Wisdom: It goes by fast, enjoy every little moment...even when you feel sick & tired!
Milestones: strong movements/kicks from the babe

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Vday at the OG

Last night Ben & I went out for Valentine's Day for the first time- he chose Olive Garden (or the OG as our server called it) and the wait was 75 minutes. We waited about half of it in the car. We spent the other half irritated with all the people who were sitting in the waiting area and not offering their spot to the pregnant lady...oh well.
At the end of our lovely meal our server- a particularly spunky young man- made a comment about my little one wanting dessert after we turned it down. I so badly wanted to say "what little one?" and totally make him think that he had insulted me for assuming I was pregnant...but I was good and said something about the baby kicking me all night if I had more to eat. Part of me is still wishing I had been a brat, just to see the look on his face. Maybe next time :)

In other news...I SWEAR that I felt the baby kick from the outside during church today. Must have been a rare and particularly strong kick, and I'm hoping it happens again soon so Ben can feel it. He layed with his hand on my tummy for quite a while tonight after I ate (when bebe usually moves) but I think steak & potatoes put the little one to sleep. It's still early, but I can't wait for him to feel it.

Oh yeah! I also made a random stop at Goodwill today in hopes that they had some secret-fit belly jeans (by Motherhood Maternity) because the Motherhood store didn't have my size and I don't get to wear jeans often enough spend $40 on something that is ill fitting. I found a pair for $5.99! They are in really good condition. I also found a couple of cute tops amongst the mumu's and floral blouses. I was pretty excited about the jeans though because my only ones that fit right now are the low panel jeans from Target and they are way too tight when I'm sitting. yay for cheap maternity clothes!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Breaking the news... (a looong one)

Nov. 15, 08 Ben & Shandell find out they are expecting at 6am...can't go back to sleep!
Later that evening we tell my parents & siblings (they're 16 & 18 so still living at home)...
They (along with the rest of the world had no idea we had been trying to conceive)

Shan:Hey mom guess what we found out today
Mom: You're pregnant? (no seriousness in her voice at all)
Shan: yeah!
Mom: wait...really?
Shan: Yeah
Dad::oblivious to the real world while playing xbox

My siblings also didn't think I was serious for a few minutes.When I got my dad's attention, his response was "You're kidding" and when I told him I was serious a grin slowly spread across his face.

Later my mom said it wasn't that she didn't believe me, but she was about to get teary eyed and didn't want to if I was joking :)

Nov. 16, 08 - Told Ben's parents.

Ben: So Shan and I have been talking and we won't be able to go with you to Disneyworld in June

FIL: uh...why?

Ben: Because she'll be 8 months pregnant by then!!

Both his parents stand up in excitement at this point...

FIL: sounds like you've been doing more than talking!

We then called Ben's siblings who both live out of town. They were also thrilled. This is going to be the first grand child and great-grandchild on both sides of the family.

Nov. 17, 08

We went in for a quick appointment with my general practitioner to confirm the pregnancy- since our at home test was so faint and there's nothing like having a Dr. confirm the news!

I ended up telling my boss that afternoon because she's 8 weeks ahead of me and I couldn't wait to share the excitement with her. She was thrilled!

Nov. 20, 08

Ben and I had lunch with our best friends on the same different cities. I was able to meet up with Linds while I was in Portland for work. I told her as soon as the waiter had left to get our drinks and she prayed for us over lunch.
Ben didn't tell John til they were almost done with lunch, John's a newly wed and had casually brought up their timeline for having kids and Ben's response was "I'm gonna have kids..." and John was a little confused, so Ben repeated it and John caught on and asked if I was pregnant.

Thanksgiving 2008

We hadn't told anyone else we were expecting because we wanted to be able to tell our extended families in person on Thanksgiving. We were going to be seeing both sides that day.

In the morning we were at Ben's parents' place and once everyone (about 10 people) arrived Ben made the announcement. His uncle had been hinting at it all day, so while they were happy for us it didn't come as much of a surprise.

In the late afternoon we went to my grandma's house where about 30 were gathered. Most of my family live in the same area and so all of our gatherings are rather large.

Ben had decided to make the announcement after Grandpa prayed over the meal. Ben stood up and said something about how crowded it was to get everyone around the table but that it was going to be more crowded next year... my aunt leans over and asks if we're buying a house (what?!) and I shake my head and am holding back tears and look over at my mom who is doing the same. Everyone cheered except my Gram who said "what?" and Ben goes "you're going to be a great-grandma" and she sighed with a smile and was also holding back the tears.

The rest of the evening went much better and my gram insisted I come sit with her so we could chat about baby.

After Thanksgiving we broke the news to the rest of our family & friends over the phone. It felt much like the night we got engaged when we called everyone to make the announcement.

December 1, 08
I made the announcement to my co-workers during staff meeting. We do "highs and lows" of the week at each meeting and my boss made sure I was last. My low was that I've been feeling sick lately, but my high was getting to tell them that I'm pregnant! Everyone was surprised and thrilled. After the rest of campus (Ben and I work at a small private University) found out there was a lot of talk about there being "something in the water" in our office.

Bump Pics

Friday, February 13, 2009

First Time Blogger

So I've been thinking about starting a blog for quite a while, but didn't have the motivation to actually do so until recently.
Ben (my wonderful husband) and I started trying to conceive in June of 2008. I began journaling for myself and our future child from the start. I wanted to remember what it felt like and what our journey entailed. At first I wrote about our excitement, fears, and frustrations with trying to get pregnant. 
On November 15th, 2008 we found out that we're expecting and it has been quite the exciting ride every since. My journal became about the journey of this pregnancy which has motivated me to start blogging about the same thing.
So here I am...with my own little blog. I think the best way to get started after this post is to recap some of the things I wrote about in my bebe journal week by week to get caught up to where we are today...
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